Raz Dynamics 365 Productivity Pack Beta Release

I have released the Beta version of the Dynamics 365 productivity solutions to help you with common requirements encountered by Dynamics 365 consultants and users providing value whilst reducing the need to code or hire a developer. The solutions have also been updated with unit tests using FakeXRMEasy, updated with dynamics entity registration which means no longer having to register plugin steps for new entities and all solutions are compatible with Dynamics CRM 2015 and upwards to Dynamics 365. This is the Beta Release before I consolidate all the solutions into a single package so they can easily be tested and uninstalled if required. If you have any new requirements or would like to request a new feature please email razwan@dynamics.community or post the request on the forum, the more votes will ensure I can include your requests in the next release!

Dynamics 365 Rollup Entity Solution

I have made some improvements to allow any entity to be rolled up, and not just Activity entities. Also manual plugin registration is no longer required . The Dynamics 365 Rollup Entity Plugin solution will allow you to query the child entity values from the Parent record, allowing  users to easily identify the aggregate values and trigger workflows based on the attribute values directly from the parent record.  This helps overcome the current limitations of the native rollup fields allowing you to perform roll up calculations in real-time and can be used to trigger Workflows. The rollup entity plugin solution currently provides the following rollup functions;

  • The Rollup  Count of the specified Open Child Activities
  • The Rollup of the latest Modified Date for a Specific Child Activity Entity
  • The Rollup of the Latest Modified Date for any Child Activity

The Rollup entity solution provides a Rollup Configuration Entity allowing you to create a new Rollup Configuration record for each rollup. For each rollup field create a New Rollup Configuration record via Settings > Rollup Configuration > New

  • Parent Entity: The Entity schema name to Identify the Entity you wish the activity rollup value to be available on
  • Operation: Define the rollup Operation you desire to perform;
    • A Count of State
    • The Last Modified date for a specific Entity


Rollup Activity Plugin Solution for Dynamics 365 CRM


Dynamics 365 Autonumber Solution

Even though the new version of Dynamics 365 v.9  now includes the autonumber api, my Dynamics 365 Autonumber Workflow Activity solution is still one of the most popular autonumber solutions used by the Dynamics 365 and crm community, and I have made some further improvements which mean you no longer need to manually register plugin steps when enabling autonumbering for your custom entities, and allows you to include autonumber in your custom workflow giving the user the ability to define;

  • Prefix
  • Suffix
  • Starting Number for increment Reference

Free Autonumber Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Duplicates Display & Merge Solution

The Dynamics 365 Display and Merge Duplicates Solution provides the ability to display duplicates records for any Lead, Contact or Account record you are accessing without having to navigate to the Duplicate detection job and provide the ability to merge. I have also provided a ready to use Display Duplicates form that you can switch to view the duplicates, alternatively you can add the html webresource to your form which is triggered on load to return any duplicate record. Duplicate Detection jobs need to be enables for duplicates to be returned for the given record.


Solution to View and Merge All Duplicates Directly from the record in Dynamics 365


Auto Postcode Territory Solution

My Dynamics 365 Postcode Territory solution will allow you to automatically assign the Territory of your Accounts based on the Postcode of the record.The Solution includes a Postcode entity, which allow you to create  postcode records for a corresponding Territory. The Solution will match the first 2 characters of the Postcode records to the Postcode field (address1_postalcode) on the Lead or Account and associate it to the corresponding territory accordingly, whenever the address is updated.

Automatically Set Account Territory by Postcode in Dynamics CRM


Complex Workflow Activity Solution

Dynamics 365 Workflows can include conditions and update records with N:1 relationship lookup fields on the Primary Entity. However one of the limitations of Dynamics 365 Workflows is executing logic on complex relationship such as 1:N or N:N relationships. This Complex Workflow Activity solution can overcome this limitation to allow workflows to execute on records with 1 to many and many to many relationships.

Executing Workflows on Complex Relationships 1 to Many and Many to Many


Calculate Business Duration Workflow Activity

This Dynamics 365 Workflow Activity allows you to calculate the actual business duration based on the start and end date time value parameters,  allowing you to define the business closures within Dynamics 365 as well as choose whether to include or exclude weekends in the business duration calculation.

Workflow Solution to Calculate Duration of Business Days in Dynamics 365 CRM


If you would like to try out the Beta release of the Dynamics 365 Productivity Pack please feel free to download from the link below and provide your feedback to razwan@dynamics.community

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Author: Raz Dynamics
Razwan is a Microsoft MVP and Dynamics 365 Community Moderator responsible for developing Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM integrated solutions for over a decade. Razwan is responsible for delivering Dynamics 365 User Groups & CRM Saturday Conferences. Raz has developed many free community utilities for Dynamics 365 and CRM which you can download from this blog.