Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing provides a marketing Automation platform that is built to attract customers through multichannel, multiple staged campaigns. It allows marketers to imagine, create and execute campaigns across various carriers, engaging with customers through multiple channels such as Email and Web tracking , SMS campaigns , AB testing , Content Tools.  hence building upon their sales pipelines and bringing across a positive impact on marketing investments. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing demonstrates the following features:

  • Marketing resource management
  • Multi-staged campaigns
  • Lead management
  • Social marketing
  • Marketing analytics
  • Email Campaign Tracking
  • SMS Campaigns
  • AB/ Testing

Marketing resource management helps to consolidate marketing operations such as budgeting, overseeing workflow and tracking social developments, all on a common system. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing also allows businesses to plan, design, test and execute campaigns on a single platform. This allows businesses to expand their marketing scope, be it via social media, events, or by sending direct emails. Organisations may also monitor their branding and global with the use of contextual social tools that allow access to channels such as Facebook, Twitter etc. It is estimated that in 2015, there has been a 75% hike in the number of business engaging social media for marketing purposes, and that in 2014 alone, 40% of B2B businesses have connected with their customers on social media. This enables marketers to keep up with an increasingly cyber-aware consumer base. 

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