Microsoft Dynamics Parature

Parature is a highly successful Self Service platform that is now a member of the Microsoft Dynamics Family to complement the CRM Offering available.

An estimated 40% of 3,000 current users have emphasized their inclination towards self-service, as opposed to human assisted support systems. Gartner predicts that by 2020, customers will control 85% of their service-related interactions with automated systems rather than actual human contact. Parature self-service will provide an optimal means of staying ahead with customer preferences, as demonstrated by these statistics.

The Parature self-service engine caters a customized mobile-responsive support system that allows users to avert large volumes of frequent queries. This portal engages the use of the following services:

·      Live Chat options

·      Contact to multiple channels

·      Extensive information search engine

·      Allows for solutions to be provided at first contact

·      24/7 availability of answers to common queries

·      Real time updates

By recognizing similar patterns in customers’ questions, the Parature self-service portal proactively brings across a reduction in support volume and grants increased consumer preference before raising the issues to support assisted services. As a result, companies will save time, money, and effort by eliminating repetitive queries.

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If you would like to know more about implementing Parature Self Service for your organisation Contact CRM Consultants UK for a free consultation.

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