Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is fast becoming recognised as the most powerful and leading crm platform, but what makes it the CRM choice for many organisations is its extensible XRM platform. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developers specialise in extending the functionality to meet very specific requirements that are not already provided. Microsoft Dynamics is built on the .Net platform and provides an API and SDK to allow developers to enhance the existing functionality of CRM to suit the businesses specific needs.

XRM Solutions 
XRM is the acronym for Anything Relationship Management, taking the concept from CRM and applying it to other business needs that go beyond customer relationships, allowing you to customise your CRM beyond the standard features to meet your exact business and Industry requirements. XRM falls under the specialty of CRM Development and many businesses have implemented Dynamics CRM with the purpose on leveraging on the XRM Platform allowing a complete business solution within Microsoft Dynamics without additional software.

CRM Development Work often includes the following;

  • Custom Web Forms and UI
  • Customer Portals
  • Plugins
  • Back Office & Web Service Integrations
  • Form Scripts
  • Call Centre CTI
  • Upgrading CRM Code from CRM 4, 2011, 2013

Is your CRM Development really required?

With the Dynamics Platform becoming enriched with more and more functionality there is becoming less requirement for development. Before proceeding with any CRM Development, a qualified Dynamics CRM developer should always check you have exhaused all the built in and customisable features of CRM so that you never have to undertake unnecessary development. Therefore analysis can prevent unnecessary development whilst reviewing your requirements to ensure you do not incurr any unnecessary development.

Extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM to meet your exact requirements whilst keeping to the Microsoft Best Practices and Guidlines to ensure your CRM investment remains ‘Supportable’ and easily upgraded to future CRM releases and updates.

Microsoft Certified Developers

If you require a CRM Developer to extend the functionality of your CRM, its very important they are certified with the corresponding Microsoft Dynamics CRM credentials to ensure your CRM solutions remains in a ‘Supported’ state.  Unfortunately many Organisations fail to recognise the importance of experienced developers with a strong understanding of the CRM API and best practices, and suffer with the consequences of poorly developed solutions shortly after. Ensuring your CRM is developed according to Microsoft best practices and CRM development guidlines is important for Microsoft to continue you offer you support as well as allowing you to stay upto date on the most current version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Some of the Programming Skills required for CRM development include the following;

  • ASP.Net
  • C#
  • Javascript
  • Workflows
  • SQL
  • FetchXML
  • Visual Studio
  • Dynamics SDK

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