Account Management

Account Management

3 out of 4 users claim that CRM Account Management has greatly facilitated access to consumer information, while an estimated 37% have expressed difficulties in achieving similar results with other providers. With our Account Management solutions, users will attain a 360 degree synopsis of customer accounts relations with ease.

Utilising CRM  for Account Management is a business strategy that oversees a company’s ties and relationships with customers, partners, service users, employers, colleagues and all other parties involved. The solution also provides sales teams with complete overviews of every customer’s details, including contacts, activity history, reports of interactions etc.  The outcome is a complete dashboard that encourages visualization of future prospects and deals otherwise difficult to recognize.

The advantages of the service include, but are not limited to;

  • Tracking all customer information, behaviour pattern, communication and activity history from a single repository
  • SWOT analysis (Internal awareness for strengths and weaknesses of the business, as well as identification of competition and threats)
  • Manage Business Relationships
  • Competitors
  • Product Tracking
  • Onboarding
  • Contacts relationship strengths
  • Cross Selling opportunities

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