About CRM Consultants UK

About CRM Consultants UK

CRM Consultants was established as an independent organisation of CRM technology experts to address the growing needs of Businesses and organisations in the UK. Through collaboration with the leading CRM technology providers such as Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, we empower businesses to implement the most complete CRM solutions to deliver maximum results to customers. Our consultants consist of the most experienced and qualified in the CRM industry, including Microsoft and Salesforce MVP’s, and we collectively run workshops to help users, developers and business managers gain the most from their CRM strategy.

Key Qualities and Objectives of CRM Consultants UK;

  • Articulate CRM solutions that can deliver strong ROI and they set the right level of expectations on CRM
  • Present CRM technology in a simple and effective manner
  • Leverage on automation and repeatable sales processes
  • Assist the Developer community with skills to develop and extend CRM Solutions
  • Continually develop understanding of the crm industry and emerging business challenges
  • Look to build long term relationships with our customers, partners and prospects
  • Focused on promoting CRM evangelism and educating about CRM culture and technology
  • Collaborate with other CRM technology partners to make the best solutions available for UK industries
  • Assist organisations in finding the right resources for their CRM Implementation such as Consultants, Trainers, Developers, Technology, and Hosting Providers


Why CRM Consultants UK?

Many organisations find a clear need for a CRM solution, however in most cases we have found that it was either poorly implemented or managed. The inherited issues ends up costing the business more in the long run. As CRM evangelists we believe crm solutions can be improved to provide far more useful features and deliver more return on investment. We also believe that businesses should have the skills inhouse to maintain the crm solution without relying om third parties so that the business has true ownership of their technology. So we work with organisations to identify improvements and develop solutions to provide the most comprehensive CRM to meet todays ever evolving business needs.

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