Microsoft CRM for Customer Services

Customer Service & Support

Deliver customer service and case management, as well as service history and support knowledge to the desktops of customer service staff, giving them the tools to deliver consistent, efficient services that enhances customer loyalty and profitability. Microsoft CRM Consultants provide a comprehensive customer service solution that users find familiar and is completely customisable according to your support processes.

 Better Customer Service Drives Company Value; “companies with high customer satisfaction scores especially over the last few years not only have they produced higher stock returns but their stock values and cash flows have been less volatile.” “increased customer satisfaction has a positive impact on consumer spending and cash flow as well business performance.” The Harvard Business Review 2007

Account and Contact Management: Complete set of features that empower customer service representatives to better manage interactions. Powerful productivity features like Auto Complete and Smart Search. Importing and de-duplicating of records is seamless and easy to perform.

Interaction and Knowledge Management: Complete interaction management capabilities including Knowledge Management and Service Level Agreements.  Fully integrated Knowledge Base including authoring and publishing capabilities. Reliable and robust email support including auto-response and auto promotion of emails to cases.

Case Management and Scheduling: Our Case Management is a tool for your customer service agents which provides transparency to the issues and resolutions and with automation, helps reduce the handling times to the resolution. Sophisticated set of features to manage and resolve cases via multiple channels as well as schedule field service. Easy-to-use case management functionality including creating, editing, dispatch, tracking and resolution. Microsoft CRM optimizes usage of field personnel, tools, parts and resources.

Improve Accountability: Auditing features to easily track actions performed against customer records. Guided problem resolution with Dialoques to ensure consistent service to customer whilst service staff are less able to make mistakes whilst using dialogues. Queues to manage new support requests and streamline work management.

Real-Time Insight, Reporting and Analytics: Full spectrum of business intelligence capabilities ranging from historical reporting predictive behaviour insight to basic reporting to OLAP and performance dashboards. Critical service reports are provided standard with fully customized reports.

Proactive Sales and Support: Transform the contact centre from purely reactionary service into a proactive, strategic arm of the business. Seamlessly integrated, holistic service processes that drive positive behaviour Easy-to-Enable “Presence” and click-to-dial functionality through integration to Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007.

Customer Service Scenarios: Sun Global implemented Microsoft CRM for the management of cases to be handed off across teams in multiple time zones. Deployed world-class contact centres that supported multiple shifts and remote agents. Implemented workflows to drive consistency and real-time visibility into every stage of service processes. Enabled all service metrics to be easily tracked and analysed to drive process improvement.

Achieve 360 ° visibility across the entire organization into service history, current cases, contracts and more. Drive collaboration and improve agent productivity, lower training costs and reduce churn rate. Optimize upsell and cross-sell campaigns to drive better revenue and higher uptake rates. Achieve greater efficiency of service , Improve first-call resolution and handling times to yield higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Reach customer satisfaction goals to drive new revenue opportunities, reliably manage service costs, achieve KPIs for service, reduce agent training costs and on-boarding time, improve personal productivity, eliminate frustration in assisting customers, and reduce errors and call closing time.

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