CRM Integration

CRM Integration Solutions for complete 360 view of your customer

As of 2012, its been widely recognised that CRM Integration is 1 of the 3 major areas where an improvement in ROI is guaranteed. 50% of users claim that integration with other systems are more cumbersome, while 26% of users face difficulties integrating systems on their own.

CRM often requires integration with back office ERP and Third party systems to provide your organisation with a streamlined 360 degree view of your customer within a single crm platform. Our CRM Integration solution presents businesses the ability to migrate past, present and future data, and keep this information integrated between various applications. The outcome is a seamless stream of data that is consolidated on a single platform. The synchronization of several different systems will give rise to several advantages, such as:

  • Reduced missing data and isolated systems
  • An overview of all consumer information in one place
  • Fewer problematic applications and interfaces

We provide user-friendly and consistent CRM Integration services that will aid in incorporating existing data, will accelerating further growth. Be it importing or amending financial/back office data, or introducing a new application to current multi-layered, complicated systems, Our CRM Integration will ensure a un-interrupted integration with speed and efficiency.

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