XRM Factor at CRMUG Reading

I recently presented the XRMToolbox at the last CRMUG in Reading, Where I discussed how the XRMToolbox can help overcome challenges and also improve productivity with CRM Administration and Development. The XRM Factor is a competition to win votes for the best XRM Tool,  however the limited time to discuss its features was no where near enough to do the XRMToolbox any justice. If you missed my presentation or would like to know more you can read my following blog  Razwan Presents the XRMToolbox at CRMUG which clearly demonstrates that XRMToolbox should win the XRMFactor!

I am also a Contributor to the XRMToolbox community, providing the following Solutions;



Why not get involved in the XRMToolbox opensource community :)



Author: CRM Consultants
Razwan is a well known CRM Consultant helping organisation overcoming technical and strategic challenges over the past 10 years.