Useful Dynamics 365 Downloads and Resources

Useful Dynamics 365 Resources

As of the December 2016 update for Dynamics 365 online and on-premise, CRM functionality is now included as a part of the Dynamics 365 suite of business applications. I have provided the following microsoft references to help you easily find your answers from the official resources for learning how to use Product Features, Administration, Licencing, Billing, Downloads, Whitepapers and Developer Resources etc.


Dynamics 365 Roadmap

The Dynamics 365 Roadmap helps provides an indication of what to expect in the future Dynamics 365 releases. This very useful when planning your CRM and digital transformation project, use this roadmap to find out what is being made generally available and what is in development. All dates and features that are in development are preliminary and are subject to change without notice.


Product Feedback, Ideas & Suggestions

You can help improve Microsoft Dynamics 365 by providing suggestions and feedback. Fellow Users can vote for your suggestion and if it’s popular you could potentially see you request in a future dynamics 365 release;


Comparison on Dynamics 365 Online Vs On premise


Subscriptions & Trials

You can use the following link to setup your Dynamics 365 trial


Software Requirements


Microsoft Dynamics 365 online requirements


Web application requirements for Microsoft Dynamics 365


Microsoft Dynamics 365 system requirements


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook software requirements

Dynamics 365 User Guides


Dynamics 365 Administration


Customer Service

Field Service

Project Service Automation





Social Engagement




Installation & Downloads


December 2016 Service Pack for Dynamics 365 (On-Premises)

The first release of the December 2016 Service Pack for Dynamics 365 (on-premises). This is a tested, cumulative set of updates for Microsoft Dynamics 365. It includes performance enhancements that are packaged together for easy deployment and Dynamic CRM 2016 installation is a prerequisite.


Dynamics 365 SDK (Software Development Kit)

Contains the complete SDK for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 (on-premises), and the User Interface Integration (UII) SDK.


Nuget for Dynamics 365

This package contains tools for the December 2016 update for Dynamics 365 (online and on-premises). These tools may be used for application and solution development. The Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 must be installed on the computer where these tools are to execute.


Unified Service Desk

Download the client application and sample packages for Unified Service Desk.


Dynamics 365 Developer toolkit

Speed up development of Dynamics 365 with Visual Studio 2013 and 2015 Developer Tookit


Dynamics 365 Development Resources


Best practices for developing with Microsoft Dynamics 365


Dynamics 365 Developer Centre including code samples


Tutorials and resources for learning about development for Microsoft Dynamics 365


Extending Dynamics 365 on the Client


Extending the Dynamics 365 on the Server


The programming models for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 White Papers


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Guide for on-premises and online


Dynamics 365 / CRM Online White Papers


Integration Guide for Dynamics 365 and Office 365


Setup Guide: Server Side synchronisation for Dynamics 365 Online


Performance Benchmark for Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update 1



Dynamics 365 CRM On Premise White Papers


Server Side Synchronisation


Scalable Security Modelling


Microsoft System Center Management


Performance Benchmark on Azure Iaas


Security & Compliance


Trust Centre: Security, Privacy and Compliance Information for Office 365 and Dynamics 365


 Support & SLAs


Customer can review the current SLA for the Service by visiting;


Dynamics 365 Licensing Resources


Microsoft Dynamics 365, Enterprise edition Licensing Guide


Microsoft Dynamics 365, Business edition Licensing Guide


Dynamics 365 Billing


Author: Raz Dynamics
Razwan is a Microsoft MVP and Dynamics 365 Community Moderator responsible for developing Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM integrated solutions for over a decade. Razwan is responsible for delivering Dynamics 365 User Groups & CRM Saturday Conferences. Raz has developed many free community utilities for Dynamics 365 and CRM which you can download from this blog.