Microsoft Dynamics Unified Service Desk Training

Unified Service Desk

The Unified Service Deck (USD) is an additional service implemented on top Microsoft dynamics CRM. The Unified Service Desk offers a highly customizable framework for condensing user data from various platforms in CRM into an integrated solution that provides an all-encompassing overview of customer relationships. As a result, call center agents have seamless access to valuable data on consumer behavior, enabling them to communicate, comprehend and handle customer demands and queries with ease.

Unified Service Desk

USD includes the following features:

  • A single interface providing access to several applications and servers with which operators can access more than one system to provide better customer service
  • Call logging, recording of conversations and interactions, consolidating of related issues and queries
  • Call Scripting
  • Multi-entity researching facilities

When a call relies on the call centre agent to use multiple applications to perform requests, Dynamics Unified Service Desk provides call center agents with fast and consolidated access to vital consumer information in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Universal access to customer data equips agents with immediate and actionable insight on consumer interactions.

Unified Service Desk is Available On-Premise as well as Online, and is included in the Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise User Licence.

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