Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is the SaaS (Software as a Service) deployment option for CRM. More and more organisation are opting to implement CRM as SaaS, also referred to as the ‘Cloud’ which involves the CRM application being hosted remotely from a Data Centre and the only way to access is through an internet connection. The benefits of a Hosted CRM Online Solution are less initial costs for setting up CRM. There is no requirement to buy dedicated physical servers, Operating systems or Database software Licences as with an On-Premise CRM.

A Microsoft CRM online hosted solution involve a rolling contract where pay as you go on a monthly or annual basis. Many small and mid-sized businesses find the CRM Online hosted deployment as a way of reducing risk and guaranteeing return on Investment. However there may some restrictions to some CRM development capabilities compared with On-premise implementations, such as using SQL queries. Reade my following article on the technical difference between crm online and on premise.

The CRM Online is based on the Licensing model for the following 3 User levels;

Essential: Only allows access to custom CRM solutions built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, and not Microsoft Dynamics CRM features.
Basic: Allows access to core entities: accounts, contacts, leads, and cases.
Professional: Full range of Microsoft Dynamics CRM capabilities, including sales, marketing and customer service. Most users will find this licence best fits their needs as it covers the scope for CRM.
Enterprise: Full range of Microsoft Dynamics CRM capabilities for sales, marketing and customer service. Providing full access to Microsoft Dynamics Social Listening, MDM (Microsoft Marketing) and Unified Service Desk.

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